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Stainless Steel Post System 3

Glass Balustrade With Rail


Cost Effective

Post System 3 Balustrades

Our post system glass balustrade can be purchased either with a top rail or without

a top rail, the choice is yours...

If you do go for the one without then if the area is more than 600mm from ground level you will need laminated glass to meet current building regulations.



The post systems are made in house all bespoke to each customers requirements, they are made from 316 grade stainless brushed finish steel, 

even though they are stainless steel you will need to take care of it, becasue as the description says its Stain - less not stain free... 

We recommend caring for your stainless steel using wd-40 just applying it sparingly to a rag and wipe it on all the stainless to protect it from the elements.

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